3 Signs That You Need New Hydraulic Hose Fittings

Posted on: 4 June 2015


In your manufacturing plant, you probably rely on your hydraulic hose fittings as a part of your daily operations. No matter how high quality your hydraulic hose fittings might be, or how well you might take care of your systems, your hydraulic hoses can wear out due to excessive wear and tear. By swapping out your hydraulic hoses as needed, you can help prevent added problems to your systems and can help prevent downtime in your factory. 

1. Loss of Pressure

If your hydraulic hose fittings are not holding your hoses together properly, or if they are not working properly to attach your hoses to your equipment, you will probably notice a loss of pressure first. It might be a minor loss of pressure in the beginning, particularly if there is a slow leak. If your fittings are more seriously damaged, you might notice a more serious loss of pressure. You may see or feel this loss of pressure, or you might hear strange hissing noises that are caused by this problem.

2. Loss of Power

Due to a loss of pressure, you might notice a loss of power from your machinery. It might seem as if something is amiss with your equipment, even though it might still work semi-effectively. Or, your equipment might stop working completely.

3. More Pump Noise

Since your hydraulic hose fittings might not be doing a proper job of holding your hoses together or attaching your hoses to your equipment, your machinery will have to work a lot harder to make up for a loss of pressure and power. This means that you might notice a lot more noise coming from the pump on your equipment, which can come from your machinery trying to compensate for these pressure- and power-related issues. Don't ignore this added noise; if you continue to try to operate your equipment while your hose fittings are working improperly, your motor or other parts of your equipment could become burnt out, which can result in much more expensive damage.

As you can see, hydraulic hose fittings can show a few signs of failure when they stop working correctly. You should not ignore these problems; since hose fittings are so important to the everyday operation of hydraulic equipment, these small problems can become much more serious. Instead, look into purchasing affordable hose fittings at Hose Pros- 24 Hour Mobile Hydraulic Hose so that you can swap out your existing fittings.