Get Ready For Summer Landscaping With The Use Of A Dumpster

Posted on: 15 June 2015


Cleaning up your yard and getting it ready for summertime may be a goal of yours, but it's important to plan ahead in order for the project to go smoothly. To safely discard yard waste, rent a dumpster so that everything can be towed away without any extra work on your behalf.

In order for the rental process to go well, consider the following five tips.

Consider the Location of the Dumpster

To get the best use out of the dumpster, figure out where it will be placed. Most dumpster rental companies will drop the dumpster off where you request—whether that's on the driveway, on the street, or even on your lawn. Discussing the placement beforehand can help ensure you'll be able to load it without any trouble.

Ask About Prohibited Items

The contents of the dumpster are very important to consider since many facilities have rules regarding what can and cannot be thrown away. For example, items such as gallons of paint or fuel used for a lawn mower cannot be thrown away in the dumpster and will need to be safely discarded elsewhere. Looking into your local county resources for toxic items can help you safely get rid of anything that can't be placed in a dumpster.

Get Your Waste Ready Before the Rental Begins

Since the dumpster rental business will likely be charging you based on the length of time that the dumpster will be used, it's a good idea to get your waste ready beforehand. You'll likely find that a lot of your waste can be thrown into piles before the container arrives, making it easier to simply toss it in and rent the dumpster for only a short period.

Make Sure to Select the Appropriate Size

Dumpsters vary in size greatly, from 10-yard dumpsters to around 40 yards. Considering how much waste you need to get rid of will help you pick out the right rental for your needs and prevent the problem of not having enough space when the dumpster arrives.

Determine If Further Assistance is Required

As you prepare to make arrangements for a dumpster rental, you may be concerned with how you'll be able to lift heavy landscaping waste. If you have a lot of heavy tree limbs and other waste that needs to be thrown away, it's a good idea to ask about whether the rental business offers assistance for loading the dumpster.

Taking the time to look into your options for a dumpster rental can make all the difference in ensuring that you'll be able to get of your landscaping waste without a problem.