3 Tips To Understanding And Maintaining Your Compressor Seals

Posted on: 22 June 2015


If you operate in a line of work that utilizes various forms of compressors, it pays to make sure that you learn the ins and outs of using them. By mastering the use of these compressors, you are able to get the most of your operation, while allowing your workplace to remain safe and productive. In doing this, you must also master the use and maintenance of the aluminum seals employed with your compressors. Read this guide, to learn about the use of these seals, in addition to the benefits of upgrading and maintaining them. 

#1: Understand The Various Seal Types And Uses

While aluminum seals provide the same function, they do so in different ways. There are a number of aluminum seal types, including labyrinth, liquid film shaft and dry gas. Labyrinth seals provide different levels and are crafted with various shapes, to accommodate for a greater number of pressure changes that your compressor experiences. Liquid film seals contain a variety of rings, which serve the purpose of protecting against leaks, which can be detrimental to your compressor. Dry gas seals contain a variety of rotating parts, which allow your compressor to prevent contamination which can be dangerous to health and safety and expensive to rectify. 

#2: Learn The Benefits Of Consistently Upgrading Your Compressor Seals

While your compressor seals are crafted to deal with the processes that you carry out in your workplace, they require consistent upgrades, in order to always provide you with the work that you need. For instance, a simple upgrade to your system's specifications can increase the pressure from 750 psig to 4,200 psig. Depending on the type of work that you need to carry out, it will require you to always be on the cusp of change, to give you the help and service that you need. 

#3: Get A Maintenance Plan And Insurance Policy To Cover Your Seals

When it comes to your aluminum compressor seals, you will get back what you put in to it. Meaning, if you register with a contractor to get an ongoing maintenance service plan, it'll be easier to keep it free of leaks, wear and tear and other issues. You should also cover it with insurance policies, so that you can get repairs that you need without spending a great deal of money. 

Follow these three keys, so that you understand your compressor seals and make the most of them.