Quality Guidelines for Overhead Door Maintenance

Posted on: 7 July 2015


When you have an overhead door, such as a garage door, in your home, commercial building or warehouse, it is critical that you follow some important maintenance tips. Maintenance of these doors is critical, because it allows you to avoid expensive, costly repairs in the future, protects the health and safety of anybody who travels throughout the building, and helps you fix unforeseen problems. So what are the best ways to care for these overhead doors? Follow the guidelines below to protect and increase the performance of your doors. 

Remember the Important Monthly Repairs

Some of the most important pieces of maintenance involve some simple inspections that you should carry out each and every month. First, make sure the door passes the eye test, in that no components are missing, it opens and closes with ease, and that things like rollers, cables, and springs are not experiencing rust and wear. Also, lift the door manually each month and test the balance, to make sure that it is not uneven. If you aren't sure, you can have an overhead door professional conduct a balance test. Further, place an object by the door's sensor to make sure that the reverse mechanism is in working condition. 

Spray Down the Moving Parts

Every now and then, you should grab a bottle of WD 40 and spray down your springs, coils, bearings, and track. Since these parts experience frequent motion, you will need to be sure that they are free of rust and corrosion. Spraying each part liberally with a silicone lubricant keeps this wear and tear at bay, so that you are able to make the most of the door for as long as possible without worrying about parts rusting and breaking, which is also a serious safety issue. 

Get a Full Fledged Door Tune Up

While you can handle much of the maintenance yourself, there is no better investment for your overhead door than a quality tune up from a licensed pro. These contractors should be called upon once per year in order to test all of the hardware thoroughly, making sure that they are operating at their best. A contractor will spend about 10 minutes on each portion of the inspection, and can also provide you the repairs needed to keep the overhead door safe and productive. 

These tips set a solid foundation for overhead door maintenance, which will let you enjoy the best performance.