The Fine Details: Increasing Efficiency With Steel Casters

Posted on: 12 August 2015


Steel casters are such a small detail that you could overlook them in the hustle and bustle of a full work day. However, outfitting your equipment with the appropriate wheels is as important as wearing the right shoes while jogging. No matter your industry, take a moment to consider whether going with the less appropriate (read "cheaper") option is the best option for your long term success goals


Durability is the foundation of your equipment's efficiency. Industrial steel casters are made to sustain various weight, environment, and facility conditions. For example, if you own a food prep facility or a location where harsh solvents will be on the floor, you will need casters that can endure these chemicals and withstand being washed down on a regular basis without corrosion. Additionally, if you carry heavy loads around a facility via a platform truck or dollies, you will need the appropriate casters for weight considerations. Many casters can be made with rubber coatings for increased traction as well as floor protection and customized to fit your equipment and functionality precisely.


Time is one resource that is always in high demand. Lack of durability of your equipment will mean more time to get simple tasks completed. Fumbling with a faulty cart, cage, gate, etc., will cause you or your employees to exert more effort pushing, pulling, or transporting materials. In certain settings, take hospitals for instance, wasted time and energy could be detrimental. When your equipment is outfitted with the appropriate casters for its functionality, you can move from one task to the next easily and with minimal frustration.


The road to efficiency always begins and ends with how much money is being spent. The lack of durability of your equipment will lead to extra time to complete a task, which will cost you more money per hour than if you had the appropriate equipment to start with. Additionally, faulty equipment needs to be replaced over and over again, wasting hundreds, maybe thousands, on a small detail. In startup companies, an entrepreneur may be tempted to go with lesser quality materials in the beginning for lack of funds. If this is your decision, consider upgrading as soon as possible to keep your money working for your business instead of against it.

The seemingly insignificant details of a job can quickly become a large money pit. With this in mind, consider whether the wheels of your equipment lack the necessary durability that is costing you precious time and money.

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