2 Tips For Keeping The Air In Your Home As Clean As Possible

Posted on: 6 October 2016


One of the hardest things to do when maintaining your home is keeping the air in your home as clean as possible, which is very important when you consider just how many different ways dirty or polluted indoor air can affect your health. Listed below are two tips that can help you keep the air in your home clean. 

Purchase an Air Cleaning System

One of the easiest ways to improve the air quality within your home is to purchase an air cleaning system, such as an air purification system. This is beneficial in a number of ways because it will not only be able to keep dust and allergens out of the air to improve your family's health, but it can also filter harmful fumes and gasses out of the air.

In addition, there are air cleaning and purification systems on the market that will inhibit the growth of mold spores, which will help you keep existing mold from spreading while also potentially preventing mold from developing within your home in the first place. These systems can also keep your home smelling much fresher because they can filter out smoke from pipes, exhaust outside of your home, or smoke from cooking accidents. 

Replace or Clean Your Air Filter

You will also want to make sure that you replace or clean the air intake filter. An air intake filter is designed to keep any allergens or dust from getting sucked into your furnace or air conditioner and subsequently blown out of your vents and into every room in the house. In most cases, the air intake filter will be located in the same general area as your furnace and will typically be located behind a large rectangular vent. 

Cleaning or replacing the air filter should be done at least every few months during those seasons where you are using your heater or air conditioner more frequently, such as the height of summer or the middle of winter. In many cases, you can typically restore the air intake filter to almost-new condition simply by using a hand vacuum or your vacuum's hose attachment to remove the dust and debris. 

Keeping the air within your home clean is absolutely vital when it comes to making your home a pleasant and healthy place for you and your family. By purchasing an air cleaning system and replacing or cleaning your air filters regularly, you can help ensure that the air in your home is as clean as possible.