Ways To Keep Heating Oil Costs Low This Winter

Posted on: 4 January 2020


If you are a heating oil customer, then you know the challenges you face with getting enough heating oil every winter. You know how expensive it can get, too, especially if the winter turns really harsh. Yet, what you probably did not know is that there are ways of keeping your heating oil costs low. It takes a little research and a little self-discipline, but it can be done. Here is how. 

Find a Heating Oil Company That Takes Cash Only

It may seem like a throwback to simpler times, but the truth of the matter is thus: Cash for heating oil reduces expense. There is no overhead for processing debit and credit card payments, there is no loss of income that has to be made up by charging customers more, and cash transactions are faster and simpler. When you make heating oil deliveries simple with cash payments, the driver is able to collect, deposit the cash on the same day, purchase more oil at wholesale costs, and charge customers less because there are no extra fees to worry about. There are not too many of these cash heating oil companies left, but if you find one, you should take advantage of its services. A reduction of up to thirty percent in oil costs and delivery fees may be in your future. 

Keep the House Colder When You Are Not Home or Snuggled in Bed

If you are not home all day, you are burning a lot of oil to keep just the house or the family pets warm. Turn down your thermostat, and it will turn off the oil furnace. Subsequently, it will burn less oil, and you will have more oil to stretch beyond the next delivery. At night, you are snuggled underneath blankets where you can be toasty, so you do not need it quite as warm then either. If you use electric heating blankets or heating pads at night, then you definitely do not need to burn as much oil for heat because the blankets or pads will keep your bed quite cozy. 

Turn Down the Temperature on Warmer Days

Sometimes there are unseasonably warm days in winter. On those days, you can turn the thermostat down further. You will save a little extra money on thaw days that will transfer over to additional heating oil purchases. If there ends up being a warm streak in February or something like it, consider using less heat during that entire week as well.