3 Reasons to Invest in a 3 O'Clock Welder

Posted on: 4 August 2020


Welding is a technique that has multiple uses in the manufacturing and fabrication worlds. Many welding techniques can be used to create the exact results a manufacturer is looking for. Specialized equipment is associated with individual welding processes, so having the right equipment available is critical. One piece of equipment that many manufacturers and welding professionals overlook is a 3 o'clock welder.

A 3 o'clock welder is a unique type of welding cage that is designed to hold horizontal, cylindrical tanks while the seams of these tanks are welded. The use of a 3 o'clock welder can offer a number of benefits that most manufacturers and welding professionals find desirable.

1.Improve Welding Accuracy

Accurate welds are critical in applications where horizontal tank seams are being joined. An imperfect weld seam can pose problems with the performance of the tanks in the future. Placing tank cylinders inside of a 3 o'clock welding cage helps to hold the tanks steady throughout the welding process. The welder can maintain stability throughout the welding process, which will result in more accurate and secure weld seams. Without access to a 3 o'clock welder, achieving the perfect weld seam on a cylindrical tank would be nearly impossible. Investing in a 3 o'clock welder for your fabrication facility will give you the ability to improve your welding accuracy in the future.

2. Improve Safety

Safety is a vital concern for any fabrication or manufacturing facility. The quality of the weld seams on cylindrical tanks can have a direct impact on their overall safety over time. The use of a 3 o'clock welder is the easiest way to achieve weld perfection when working on curved, horizontal surfaces. By creating an airtight and structurally sound weld seam, a 3 o'clock welder can eliminate the potential for leaks. Most of the tanks that are repaired using a 3 o'clock welder house flammable or toxic materials, so weld integrity is directly related to the safety of those in the vicinity of these tanks. Fires, gas leaks, and other potential dangers are minimized when the right equipment is used to create weld seams on storage tanks.

3. Improved Visibility

All welders need to be able to maintain visual contact with their work at all times throughout the welding process. Working with curved surfaces can make it challenging for a welder to see what he or she is doing in the midst of a weld. Poor lighting, bad angles, and unusual weld surfaces can all contribute to poor visibility. A 3 o'clock welder has the ability to help prevent visibility limitations for experienced welders. Once tanks have been mounted in the 3 o'clock welding cage, the cage can easily be rotated up or down to give the welder access to all parts of the tank.

Minimal physical effort is needed to manipulate tanks inside a 3 o'clock welder, making it easy for any welder to create a durable and long-lasting weld seam. Access to a 3 o'clock welder can streamline all tank welding processes and help minimize the amount of time and effort needed to create reliable weld seams. Thanks to their incredible versatility, both freelance welders and large welding companies alike can take advantage of the benefits that a 3 o'clock welder can offer.

Take the time to consider your tank welding projects to determine if a single or double cage 3 o'clock welder is better suited to meet your needs. Once you have added this piece of equipment to your toolbox, you will see a significant improvement in weld accuracy, tank safety, and visibility when completing tank welds in the future.