Warehouse Safety Information: Early Detection Can Keep Pedestrians Safe

Posted on: 9 July 2021


If you use big machinery to move, transport, or ship products throughout the day, you want to keep your employees and other pedestrians as safe as possible. Scissor lifts, overhead cranes, air compressors, and other large equipment can injure unsuspecting pedestrians at any time. You can keep pedestrians safe with early detection systems. Learn how detection systems work and how you can use them to keep pedestrians safe below.

How Do Pedestrian Detection Systems Work?

Automotive manufacturers, state transportation companies, and other entities often install special detection systems in their products to keep pedestrians safe from accidents. The advanced systems have the ability to detect the body heat, movements, and other actions created by pedestrians. Some of these features can benefit your warehouse as well.

Pedestrian detection systems come with a variety of features and functions that warn people about danger, including loud alarms and other devices that emit noise. The devices can be as small as a name badge or as large as a mobile phone. Pedestrians, such as factory workers and visitors, can wear the devices on their shirts or belt buckles.

You can also place detection devices on your equipment. The devices let machine operators know when someone comes too close to their equipment or when someone travels beyond a designated safety zone. If this type of device or the device above can benefit your needs, obtain a system soon.

How Do You Choose the Right Detection System?

You want to choose your pedestrian detection system or systems carefully. The best way to choose the right safety system is to consult an online industrial supplier personally. A supplier can help you select devices that:

  • work within your budget, which prevents you from overspending
  • fit comfortably on pedestrians, which encourages them to wear their devices at all times
  • attach to your machines and equipment, which makes them safer to use

If you need specific types of pedestrian safety devices, a supplier can help you choose what you need. For instance, if you need devices to secure products that contain hazardous chemicals, a supplier can help you select devices that only allow certain employees to handle those products.  

After you decide on the best detection devices to purchase, you can implement them in your warehouse. Don't hesitate to consult a supplier for assistance if you need help using your devices.

For more details on how to use or purchase pedestrian detection systems for your warehouse, contact a supplier like Hit Not today.