Installing Air Pipes For Your Business

Posted on: 27 August 2021


Industrial air compression systems can be necessary for powering many of the pieces of equipment that are in your building. To transport the air from the large compression system, you may need to install a series of air pipes. In particular, aluminum air pipes are a popular option for this need as a result of their durability, low cost, and light weight.

Ensure The Air Pipes Are Rated For The Pressures That You Will Require

As you are reviewing potential air pipes for your system, it is important to review the rated pressure that they are capable of withstanding. Exceeding this limit can damage the pipes, cause leaks, or even potentially explosive ruptures. Fortunately, the pressure rating for these pipes can be provided by retailers, but you will need to accurately estimate the amount of air pressure that your compression system will be generating. Choosing aluminum air piping that is rated for higher pressures than you will require can help with accommodating future growth in your need for compressed air due to adding new equipment or upgrading to more powerful systems.

Regularly Inspect The Condition Of The Pipes

After the air pipes have been installed, they should be periodically inspected for signs of wear or corrosion. One of the benefits of using aluminum air pipes is that they will be extremely resistant to the development of corrosion. If you have aluminum air pipes, they should still be regularly inspected to ensure that they are free of dents or other types of visible damages that could have accidentally occurred. Any of the air pipes that are visibly compromised should be professionally evaluated to determine whether replacing them will be necessary.

Be Efficient When Choosing The Path For The Air Pipes

Depending on the equipment that will need to be powered with compressed air, there may be a need to install air piping throughout the building. If this is the case for your facility, it is important to be extremely thoughtful when choosing a path for these pipes to take. Being efficient can help to lower the costs of installing this piping, but you will still want to avoid any safety risks due to pipes crossing walkways or other areas where individuals could injure themselves if they are not wearing protective headgear. A professional air pipe installation contractor will have the experience to adjust the path of these pipes through these areas so that the safety risks are reduced while also minimizing the need for additional piping to be installed.