How Working With Metric Fasteners Can Be Beneficial

Posted on: 4 February 2022


There are many different types of fasteners on the market and it can sometimes be difficult to know what will work best for your situation. Metric fasteners often add some confusion to the mix because people don't always understand the differences or benefits that can come with using them. 

Precise Sizes  

When you look at the sizing of metric fasteners, you will see that the bolts use whole numbers to express the fastener's size. Often they are in millimeters, but they are much more precise than fractional numbers used in SAE (standard) fasteners.

Many manufacturers in the medical industries have completely switched to metric fasteners, and the aerospace and electrics industries are also headed that way. In many of these situations, common sizes are used throughout the assemblies these companies are making, so few tools are required, and smaller varieties of fasteners are needed to assemble or repair the products they make.

Because the metric system is used globally, using metric fasteners also means that the fasteners are interchangeable worldwide in most cases. In many countries, metric fasteners are easier to find than standard fasteners used in the US, making repairs more manageable no matter where the product is used. 

Thread Gage

The threads on a metric fastener fall right in the middle of the course and fine standard threads, and because of the pitch and size, the fasteners are less prone to loosening from vibrations when in use. The threads also provide more surface area for gripping the nut or thread the fasteners are engaging, making them strong and durable. 

Like standard fasteners, metic bolts and nuts are made in various materials and grades. If you need a stainless steel grade five-bolt, there is a metric fastener to fill those needs in most cases. You can find metric fasteners in aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, titanium, and many other alloys or materials to fit your needs.

Fastener Suppliers

When looking for specific metric fasteners, you can find them in most hardware stores, home centers, or industrial suppliers. However, if you need something very specific, you may need to reach out to a fastener supplier with more options or access specialty or custom fasteners. 

Often if you need a large number of fasteners for a project or to assemble something, a fastener supplier may have them in bulk and can sell you larger lots than you will find at the local hardware store. The cost of purchasing bulk lots will save money, so buying larger amounts can be beneficial if you are going to use them for multiple things or assemble products that will use the same metric fasteners repeatedly.