3 Tapes You Should Always Use For Specific Jobs In Construction Or Remodeling

Posted on: 7 September 2022


In the construction and renovation industry, there are many different types of work that are done, and depending upon the type of job you're doing, the chances are you are in need of one or more tapes. It is always best to know which tape is best for the right job. The wrong tape choice could create a poor-quality job. The following are a few construction tapes with different uses.

Always use painter's tape for masking

When you are painting on floors or drywall, always use painter's tape. Regardless of brand, these tapes are made with a light adhesive material, so they are easy to pull away from the surface without damaging it. Strong adhesive tapes, often found in construction, should never be used. Masking tape has a stronger adhesive than other painter's tapes. For this reason, you should stick to using it on floors and other hard surfaces. It will likely peel off drywall when you remove it. The stronger the adhesive, the less it can be used for the purpose of masking.

Always use ram board tape for seams

When you lay down a ram board to protect the floors during remodeling, you need to use ram board tape — there is no substitute. It's too easy for materials used during renovation and other construction to make their way between the seams. If you have the wrong tape, this can lead to floor damage, which can be costly for a professional. This tape adheres strongly to the ram boards, and when the job is over, it is easy to tear the tape away.

Always use aluminum foil tape for duct work

Foil tape tears away from the roll easily, and it has a backing that is peeled off just as easily. Foil tape sticks to the tin material of the duct better than other tapes and can be used on ducts for sealing instead of paste. Please note that duct tape should never be used on duct systems. When used on ducts, it will begin to peel off over time. Although a great multipurpose tape, it is not a good tape for construction or remodeling work. Duct tape has good qualities, is low cost, and can be used for a number of small repair jobs, but it is not for ducts.

Always remember to use the right tape for the right job. Use ram board tape for the seams after you lay down the ram board. It is more expensive than other tapes but will save you from regret. Use painter's tape for masking because they have less adhesive. And if you use tape instead of paste on ducts, always use foil tape, never use duct tape. Although it is a general-purpose tape, it is not fit for most construction and remodeling jobs.