How To Get Equipment You Need For Your Business Without Purchasing It

Posted on: 13 October 2022


When operating a business that requires certain machines or equipment but not often enough to justify buying them, you need a solution that ensures you can get what you need. Equipment rental companies can supply forklift rentals, skid loader rentals, and larger machines that you can use without the cost of purchasing or maintaining them.

Short-Term Rentals

When you need a piece of equipment but only for a few days, you don't want to spend the money on a purchase, so a short-term equipment rental is often the best solution. Most equipment rental companies offer single-day or weekly rentals that allow you to use the equipment and return it when done. 

Renting machines means you are only paying for the time you need. The additional costs that come with maintenance and repairs are absorbed by the rental company and come from what they charge for the equipment. A business that only needs the equipment a few times a year can rent a machine when needed, pass the cost off in the job billing, and eliminate the need to store or repair the machine. 

Short-term rentals are very common, and most retail services will rent machines by the half-day if that is all you need. However, be sure to ask about delivery and pickup to ensure they can accommodate the schedule to ensure you don't go over the time while waiting for the pickup of the machine.

Some forklift rentals can be long-term, but you may need to set that up with the company in advance. If you are interested in this kind of rental, you may want to look into a lease instead of a rental because it is often more manageable and less expensive.

Last-Minute Rentals

Sometimes you need a larger machine than you have to get a job done right away. A forklift rental, for instance, may be necessary because you need to unload or move an item your current machine can not handle.

The equipment rental service can bring you a larger forklift to do the job with, and when done, they will come to pick it up. If you have a trailer to haul equipment like this, you may be able to waive the delivery and haul the machine yourself.

You need to check with the rental service to clarify the pickup and drop-off times if you are hauling it, and if you need the machine early in the morning, you may want to arrange pickup the night before. If the rental company does not have the machine you need, you may have to wait for them to transfer one from another location, so the earlier you book the machine, the more time they have to get it before you need it.  

Contact a local equipment rental service to learn more about forklift rentals.