A Permanent Enclosed Generator — Site Planning

Posted on: 24 March 2023


The use of a permanent enclosed generator will become necessary during power outages. Access to a generator that is installed outdoors will support operating machinery and other essentials within your business. Use the guidelines below to plan the installation of a gas-powered generator.

Industrial Generators

Permanent enclosed generators, portable enclosed generators, and interior generators are used as emergency power sources for industrial settings. A permanent enclosed generator is a complete generator system that is housed within an impermeable structure. 

A portable enclosed generator is anchored to a trailer. This type of generator is typically sought by those who have a limited amount of lights or equipment that need to be operated. A portable generator can be used at multiple sites.

An interior generator is similar to a permanent enclosed generator but is installed inside a facility. 

Site Planning

The size of the generator, its weight, and the anticipated amount of fuel that the generator needs to operate should be outlined at the onset of planning where your new generator system will be installed.

A contractor will assess your property to determine a suitable area to install the generator system. The land must be flat. It must be able to support a concrete base. The generator will be permanently anchored to the base.

There must be plenty of clearance for service technicians and fuel delivery drivers to access the generator. The tank that holds the fuel can be installed above ground or below ground. A contractor will draw up plans that will guide them in installing the equipment. 


Your new industrial generator will be contained within a metal structure or another type of structure that is resistant to wind and precipitation. The enclosure will contain a door that will support entry into the structure when the generator needs to be serviced.

Your contractor may advise you to have fencing installed around the structure that the generator is installed inside of. The fencing will prevent anyone from trespassing and tampering with the generator system. Chain link fencing and a gate can be used to create a barrier around the system.

An interior control panel will be installed within your facility. The control panel will provide you with a display screen that will allow you to monitor the operation of the generator. It will also provide you with a viable way to turn the generator on or off. The control panel will be installed on a wall that is adjacent to the location of the generator system.

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